Oral Turinabol Pills

Oral Turinabol Pills: Benefits, Side Effects, and Use.

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  1. History of Turinabol
  2. What is Turinabol
  3. Benefits of Turinabol
  4. Side Effects of Turinabol
  5. Turinabol Use for Women
  6. Where to Buy Turinabol

This article is written for entertainment purposes only t to give men and women an overview and general guideline of the benefits and side effects of the oral steroid Turinabol.

Oral Turinabol is a less talked about steroids but if you can find it sold online you have found a hidden gem. One of the biggest problems is finding legitimate Turinabol from online stores. Many of them sell counterfeit products which is why it is not very popular. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of the oral Turinabol the side effects and benefits of this rare anabolic steroid.

Oral Turinabol Pills

History of Oral Turinabol Pills?

Turinabol was released in 1962 by an East German pharmacy by the name Jenapharm. Turinabol has a been prescribed by doctors to treat certain illness. Due it its high safety rating It can be prescribed to men, women and even children, it has been used to treat muscle wasting disease.

Turinabol was also found to be very effective at increasing bone density and muscle mass without minimal side effects.

Oral Turinabol pills became popular in the 1990’s due to an East German Scandal. During the 1970’s East Germans where administering Turinabol to their Olympic athletes. This steroid was undetectable in doping tests giving the East Germans a competitive advantage.

When the scandal became public Jenapharm stopped making the steroid in 1994. Later on, the popular pharmaceutical company Schering bought out Jenapharm and with its buyout stopped making Turinabol.

There was no need to continue to produce Turinabol since Schering was making other popular steroids which included Primobolan, Proviron, and Testoviron.

What is Turinabol?

Oral Turinabol is also known as (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) it is a cross between Clostebol and Methandrostenolone it is a powerful anabolic steroid that comes in pill form with what are considered mild androgenic effects.

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that is not subject to aromatization. Turinabol has a predominantly anabolic effect and to a lesser extent androgenic. Athletes use Turinabol to build quality muscle mass. To take full advantage of the drug’s potential it should be used in combination with other steroids. Turinabol should not be stacked with other c17-aa steroids in otherwords oral steroids.

Reviews of Turinabol indicate that the weight gain won’t be big, but 100% of the result is retained even after the course of the treatment is discontinued.  Turanabol does not cause water retention so the weight gain from this anabolic steroid is real.

One apparent advantage of Turinabol is the potential for increased strength and endurance in athletes. The price of Turinabol is not small, but it is compensated by its relative harmlessness and quality characteristics.

Numerous reviews of Turinabol confirm that it sufficient to stop taking it 5 days prior to a doping test in order to pass it.

The active drug stays in the body for about 16 hours, The drug does not cause water retention issues, which results in dry, quality muscle mass.

The cost of Turinabol fully meets a high quality-price ratio. The cost pays off by the results in strength, speed, and endurance. In addition, it remains active for a long time, leaving the body completely after about six weeks/

In general Turinabol  (10 mg) is among one of the safest steroids. It is perfect for novice athletes as it won’t cause any serious side effects when taken in recommended doses. The worst side effects can be acne and high blood pressure. However, if the proper dose recommendation is ignored it may cause gynecomastia (Man Boobs).

Benefits of Oral Turinabol Pills

Some of the best benefits that come from taking Turinabol are increased protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and red blood cell count. While these are some of the positive traits from Turinabol they are not the biggest benefits.

The biggest benefit from taking Turinabol is its ability to increase muscular endurance, this means you can train much harder and longer with little fatigue. the other benefits include a boost in strength and fast muscle recovery making it a favorite among pro bodybuilders and professional athletes who need a high level of physical endurance.

Oral Turinabol Pills Dosage and Cycle

The daily dosage of the drug will vary with doses ranging from 15-40 mg. Turinabol reviews confirm that a 30-day cycle of this steroid can boost weight gain by 9-15kg.

Athletes who weigh less than 90 kg should exceed a daily dose of more than 20mg per day.

In other cases, the dosage may be up to 60 mg. Athletes usually take Turinabol once per day or split the daily dose in two. The experience of skilled athletes shows that an effective Turinabol dose is 0.15 mg per 1 kg of an athlete’s body weight.

This is the optimal dosage, which makes it possible to cycle Turinabol without interruption a normal cycle of Turinabol should not exceed 6-8 weeks. and Should not exceed 8 weeks.

It is important to say that Turinabol shows better results when it is combined with other drugs. For gaining lean muscle Turinabol is effective in combination with Nandrolone and Testosterone.

Turinabol Side Effects

While the side effects are considered mild higher doses may present side effects in men, some of the most common side effects may include:

Testosterone Suppression

Oral Turinabol will cause the suppression of natural testosterone suppression, Men who take oral Turinabol may experience side effects that are usually mental physical and sexual Once men stop taking Turinabol natural testosterone production should begin after a few days but full recovery may take several weeks or even months.

For this reason, men should consider some kind of Post cycle therapy which can help speed up recovery time.

Cardiovascular Problems

As with most anabolic steroids Turinabol reduces good HDL cholesterol levels and increases bad LDL levels. This is something that should be considered and certain things should be considered in your diet, which may include avoiding alcohol and high-fat foods.

If you suffer from high cholesterol you should probably avoid this steroid alltogether.

Increase in Liver Enzymes

Oral Turinabol is highly hepatoxic meaning it will cause liver enzymes to increase because of the stress the steroid places on the liver.

Otherside effects from taking oral Turinabol pills may include:

    • Excess oily skin
    • Severe acne on body and face
    • Male pattern baldness.

Turinabol Use for Women

A standard dose of Turinabol for women should not exceed 2.5-5mg per day. Low doses should not cause virilization but if higher doses are taken women will most like begin to experience symptoms of virilization.

Women who do begin to experience symptoms of virilization should suspend its use immediately. Women should not exceed a 4-6 week cycle.

There are certain health conditions where both men and women should not take Turinabol these include:

    • Anyone who has experienced some sort of cancer
    • Liver or kidney problems including hepatitis A, B, and C
    • You suffer from high cholesterol

Where to Buy Oral Turinabol Pills.

Oral Turinabol pills can only be found from underground labels. If you do find a genuine product it will often be more expensive than other anabolic steroids.

The biggest problem with buying oral Turinabol pills online is that it is hard to determine if the product is genuine. It is not uncommon for underground to label a steroid with one name when they are actually selling another.

In most cases, if you do find Turinabol for sale you are most likely getting is oral Dianabol pills.

In simple terms there are no pharmaceutical companies that  make human grade Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

Turinabol is not a cheap steroid so if you do find it sold online it is most likely not the real thing.


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