What To Avoid When Buying CSGO Prime Accounts?

CSGO Prime accounts are generally more expensive than the CSGO FPP, and they also come with special benefits. However, many people who would like to buy a prime account end up getting scammed by sellers or have their in-game items lost due to being hacked because of poor security measures taken when logging into their new CSGO account after purchasing it. It is important for buyers of CSGO prime accounts do not fall victim to these scams firsthand! Here are some simple tips that can help you avoid this fate and buy cheap CSGO Prime Accounts:

Do your research before buying an item on any marketplace website, look at reviews left by past users and make sure you only deal with reputable sources. If possible, purchase from other players or the original account owner on Steam.

Never give out your personal information when shopping for CSGO prime accounts, not even to sellers you are sure about. Find a trusted third-party website where all transactions can take place anonymously and securely.

CSGO items that come with Prime status have no trade cooldowns or inventory limits! Always check before buying whether there is any chance of being banned by Valve if caught using an item purchased off the marketplace (i.e., trading it in).

Check what other items the seller offers and make sure they don’t provide anything illegal like drugs or stolen credit card numbers. If so, this would be another indication that they may be trying to scam you.

Pay attention to the feedback score, the number of completed sales, and price history on CSGO Lounge, as well as reviews about this specific seller before committing to any purchase.

You can also buy Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts where someone else attains these benefits by doing all the work for you! Just make sure their guarantee covers what happens when Valve bans them and invalidates their account ownership.